“The intensive saved our marriage.”

"The search for a breakthrough in our marriage came during our 15th year of marriage. Like many other couples, we found ourselves distant and resentful of each other. Not in a yelling and screaming sort of way, but one where we went through our days unconnected and assumptive in how we expected each other to be, act, and respond.  We had previously gone through weekly counseling and had some success, but still nothing seemed to really provide the connection we were both looking for.  In addition to the lack of connection, we had built up walls to protect ourselves from the hurt we each endured through the years.  We were both longing for more, but did not know how to get beyond the usual cycles we had created and had gotten very good at fulfilling our own worst expectations.

Our initial consultation with Kelly was held prior to our one day intensive. She probed a little to understand what it was we were looking for and what were our primary challenges.   Kelly also walked us through what our intensive day would look like.  Our one day intensive was held in a comfortable space and began with a short couples session. We followed up with two individual sessions and more couples sessions throughout the remainder of the day. Kelly was able to guide us to the root of our personal and marital challenges and ultimately the issue that was holding us back from connecting with each other. Kelly also taught us how to use what we had learned through the day when we left to go back to our daily life.

The 5-6 hours spent in the intensive was eye opening for us. It provided us with a renewed hope and connection that we had not had in our relationship before.  The skills provided through the process allowed us to continue to work on building our lives together when we left.  We also used  the book "Hold Me Tight" as a reference and ongoing resource. The intensive saved our marriage.  We have used what we learned for the last year and half and continue to grow as a couple.  

Kelly is a phenomenal observer and listener.  Her ability to gently guide us to our individual and marital wants, needs and hopes was far greater than we could have expected.

— Tennessee Couple, Married 16 years

“We accomplished more in six hours than we could have in three months!”

"Our marriage intensive with Kelly was a game changer. To have hours of uninterrupted therapy was extremely helpful in allowing us to further process and dig deep into issues that were often hard to resolve in a shorter session. The insight that we gained from our intensive allowed us to have improved communication and a much better understanding of each other. We are extremely grateful for the experience and would recommend theses intensives to anyone looking to really dive into and benefit from couples therapy. "

-Tennessee Couple, Married 6 years


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