Recognized by the American Psychological Association for its efficacy, studies have shown 70% success rate in couples recovering from relationship distress after EFT therapy. Kelly Bourque, LMFT (Certified EFT therapist and EFT Supervisor) is now offering EFT Marriage Intensives. One couple, one therapist, one day.




Spend a day unpacking your negative cycle. The intensive creates space for you to learn how to move toward each other, out of that stuck pattern.

Three-Day Intensive


Do you want to divorce your relationship, but not each other? Couples who've tried everything but won't quit are motivated to try one more thing. Three days of deep processing and connecting moments might be just the thing to save your marriage.

Multiple One-Day Intensives


Ideal for local couples. You can't make weekly counseling work for an extended time, but need more than a one-day intensive. With the multiple one-day intensive experience, each day you can expect to go to a new place in your relationship. The weeks between each intensive are valuable for integrating your work to "real life." Each intensive builds on the one before.



“We are extremely grateful for the experience and would recommend these intensives to anyone looking to really dive into and benefit from couples therapy.”

Intensives are not for every couple. As you consider an intensive - keep these things in mind:

  • Couples in which one or both partners have an active addiction are not candidates for the intensive.

  • If there is an ongoing affair - the intensive (or any couple therapy) is not an option.

  • If you and your partner do not have the same goal for therapy, this isn't a good format for you. In other words, if one partner wants to work on the marriage and the other doesn't - an intensive isn't the place to decide if you want to work on the marriage. When a couple has the same goal, an intensive can be very rewarding.

  • If being in the same room for a long time is too triggering (potential trauma reaction) or you haven't been able to be in the same space without being civil in a period of time - this format will not be productive.

  • If there is active domestic violence, this (or any couple therapy) is not an option. Please visit this site for a definition of DV.

If after reading these bullet points, you're unsure if you're a good fit for the intensive, please call (615.594.2830) or email me ( I'm happy to help assess if this is a good time for you to engage in this format of counseling. If it's not, I'm also happy to help you find resources for other help.

As with any psychotherapy, results are not guaranteed. 

If you are coming from out of town, all ethical and legal guidelines for providing services are under my license in the state of Tennessee (includes but not limited to HIPAA, confidentiality, reporting abuse, etc). Allegations or evidence of abuse is to be reported both in the state that you reside and possibly in TN (where services are provided).