Three consecutive days. 

This format is best for out of town candidates who want to get away and also want to get a big bulk of their marriage work done at once.  

We'll meet in my office in downtown Franklin. During breaks, there are plenty of options within walking distance for lunch or coffee.

Because the therapy room isn't "real life" - I advise couples to have follow-up therapy to transfer the work we do together to your real life. You want to feel confident about applying your moves toward each other in the throes of your actual life! I’m happy to help secure the therapist that does the follow up work with you.

For those coming from out of town, I would love to help you find a place to stay (bed & breakfast or convenient hotel). Franklin is a charming southern town with great restaurants, shopping and live music. 

Why schedule a three-day intensive instead of weekly counseling?

  • Frequency is one key to successful counseling. Couples with the best results go to counseling once a week for the duration of the process. But a part of each weekly session is spent checking in (kind of like warming up). In the intensive environment, no time is wasted. Every minute counts towards progress. In most cases, you will save money and, more importantly, get your marriage back on track quicker than with weekly sessions.

  • Some couples can't find a therapist in their area or need anonymity (if you are a therapist yourself) and need to travel. This is a great option for those couples.


Schedule & Availability

Three Consecutive Week Days

Unlike weekly sessions, we can break when we need to. For intensives, I’m on call for you during our days together. Each couple is unique in the pace they want to work. It’s important for you to carve out space during the three days to concentrate on your marriage. The schedule during the day will flex based on how things are going.

First Day: Typically, I'll do one hour in the morning with both partners. After that, we'll break into individual sessions (each spouse for 30-45 minutes). By this time, everyone is ready for lunch. After an hour or so for lunch, we'll come back in the afternoon for more sessions with breaks as we need them.

Second and Third Days: We'll keep the same schedule, but without the individual sessions.

I’ll send a tentative schedule with times to couples after the intensive is booked.






"The intensive saved our marriage."

“It provided us with a renewed hope and connection that we had not had in our relationship before”

— Tennessee Couple, married for 16 years

"We accomplished more in six hours than we could have in three months!"

“Our marriage intensive was a game changer. To have hours of uninterrupted therapy was extremely helpful in allowing us to further process and dig deep into issues that were often hard to resolve in a shorter session.”

— Tennessee Couple, married for 6 years


Downtown Franklin Square


Getaway and restore your bond.