This option is only available for current/active clients. If you are my client and you’re feeling frustrated trying to make weekly sessions work with childcare/work schedules, etc. - ask me about a one-day intensive. A day without distractions is often just the thing to gain momentum and help your relationship deepen.

Maybe we’ve worked together for a long time and you’ve finally reached that place in your relationship where things are good! But, you know there are things that aren’t resolved and a depth of connection you don’t quite have yet. One day intensives are amazing for doing the deep work, once your negative interactive cycle has de-escalated.

After our one day together, I can help you assess what your next steps are. There are options:

  • More weekly/bi-weekly sessions with me to finish up

  • Another one day in a month or so

  • Maybe we sealed the deal and the one-day completed your therapy! In that case, I’ll be following up in the coming months with you to make sure you’re still feeling good.

  • Transfer to an online EFT therapist for follow up work


Schedule & Availability

The mini-intensives are offered on weekdays (M-F).

Unlike weekly sessions, we can break when we need to. Typically, I'll do one - two hours in the morning with both partners. After that, we'll break for lunch. After an hour or so for lunch, we'll come back in the afternoon for more sessions with breaks as we need them.

I will send a tentative schedule with times to my couples when booked. We can flex as we need to, depending on our work.

The one-day intensive is around 4-5 hours of counseling.







"The intensive saved our marriage."

“It provided us with a renewed hope and connection that we had not had in our relationship before”

— Tennessee Couple, married for 16 years

"We accomplished more in six hours than we could have in three months!"

“Our marriage intensive was a game changer. To have hours of uninterrupted therapy was extremely helpful in allowing us to further process and dig deep into issues that were often hard to resolve in a shorter session.”

— Tennessee Couple, married for 6 years


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