When people ask me how long I've been counseling or in private practice, I have to think about the ages of my kids to figure it out. When Ella was born, I started my private practice (2010). When Lucy was born, I received my license (2009). When Ella was 6 months old, I became EFT certified (2011). When Colby was 3, I became an EFT Supervisor (2018). When I started my practicum (my first counseling session ever), my husband and I only had dreams of our children (2007). 

I'm passionate about EFT, but I'm more passionate about my family. Emotionally Focused Therapy is the map I use in the therapy room and it's the lens I look through when I relate to my husband and children. I know that we're all hard-wired for connection and when we miss each other, we're ornery. We can get stuck in negative patterns, just trying to connect. When we pull all the bad behavior aside and stay awhile, we find our hearts for each other. We long to be close. To be seen and to matter. 

Thank you for visiting this site, I hope I get the privilege to work with you.